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Thank you for your interest in hiring me, I’m available! Since I have experienced working the power of collaboration as knowledge worker in transformation projects, I am very interested in the fact to objectively identify that structurally collaborative working in project improves the quality and overall success rate of a project.

Let's be Creative

Let's Create Something to be Proud of. To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.The creative process invites everyone to be creative. It is only through our imagination that we can ponder possibilities. It gives us the capacity to create our lives and shape our destiny.

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The hardest thing it's to start something, but later when you see the progress it brings you joy about all the work you have done. So let's start our process.

My Skills

Featured work.

Website for charity organization

Front end development

Landing page for software company

Front end development

WordPress theme development

Front end/Wordpress development

Euromoda shoes store

Wordpress/Woocommerce development

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Lviv, Ukraine.
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